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Oldies to Replay

By Enrique Sanders
Con todo el hype causado por el increible remake de XCom, recordé que hace algunos varios años decidí hacer un ranking de los mejores juegos oldies entre mis amigos. La elección fue por votación y algunos de ellos jugaron solo juegos de PC y no sabían lo que era una consola, asi que eso explica la ausencia de Zeldas y similares en esta lista. Como sea, ahi va! 

Master of Magic (PC)

En mi opinion, el mejor civ-like game EVER!

The definition of "classic" is "Master of Magic"

No game has made me feel like being a cybernetic extension of the mouse as MoM. Play the role of a sorcerer in a fantasy world struggling to conquer your fellow mages, an do so by raising armies of fantastic creatures, expanding your territory, funding and developing cities, recruit heroes to lead your army… and making use of magick, of course. More than 200 spells are your powerful magical weapons: extremely varied, well designed and well fitted in the game. Enhance magically your armies, conjure creatures, throw balls of fire, cover the entire map with titanic enchantments… add to that the possibility of designing your mage through 5 schools of magic and lots of magical abilities, and the sum is a true epic game.

Master of Magic is THE classic of all fantasy strategy games, and one of the classics of strategy in general. No other fantasy strategy game has reached its level, even many years later. And that's one of the points that define a classic. If you're a strategy fan, don't wait anymore and get it.

X-Com Ufo Defense (PC)

Segun los entendidos, el mejor juego de PC de la historia

It may be old as hell and you may have to actually disable DirectDraw to get it to run these days but there's still no PC game that can compete with the mighty X-COM. Conceptually it's one of the finest strategy games to ever appear on any system. Putting the player in charge of a worldwide defense against an alien invasion, the original X-COM combined elements of sophisticated base management, high-tech research, engaging roleplaying, thrilling tactical combat and a tense, terrifying story to create an experience that has yet to be duplicated by any other game. Leading your squads on missions to reclaim crashed UFOs or fighting house to house in an effort to repel alien terror attacks on major cities throughout the world were the highlights of the game but X-COM has plenty of other pleasures in store, from juggling personnel and equipment to keeping the nations of the world happy enough to sustain your budget. Simply put, there's no excuse for strategy fans not to break this one out and play through it again.

Halo (1, 2) (XBox) 

No me gusta pero...

Only a few games in the history of the industry can claim to be system sellers. Halo's crisp graphics, delicate weapon balancing and stellar multiplayer mode showed off the Xbox's edge in terms of power just enough to sway people away from Sony and Nintendo. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and almost every console FPS since the release of Halo mimicked some aspect of its control scheme. On top of that, Halo 2 earned the biggest day in entertainment history because thousands of people became devout followers of the Halo dynasty after just one game.

Zork Series (PC)

White House
You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.
There is a small mailbox here.
No encontre reviews de las series, asi que pondre alguito yo. Zork fue el primer juego con el que me envicie realmente, me acuerdo que mi papa me trajo Zork III de usa y cambio mi forma de ver el mundo. Recomiendo altamente el Zork Grand Inquisitor, con cinema displays, buenos graficos, y unos gags que te hacen reir a carcajadas. Aun conserva un puntaje de 8.5/10 en Gamespot. Corre en cualquier pc moderna y viene en 2 cds.

Final Fantasy Series (NES, SNES, PS1, PS2)

"Sandy, Cindy, Mindy... Delta Attack!"

Final Fantasy I fue el primer rpg que jugue, y al mismo tiempo mi primer robo. Lo alquile y no lo devolvi mas, Luego mi papa tuvo que pagar por el porque no habia forma sobre la tierra de que lo devolviera. Aun lo tengo, con sus mapas y caja original. Jugue Final Fantasy 12 hace unos meses, y es increible como 20 años despues los juegos pueden mantener su flavor, igual que con Zork.

Baldur's Gate II (PC)

El unico juego al que le he dedicado mas de 180 horas de mi vida...

Plenty of Dungeons and Dragons based PC RPGs have come out over the years, but Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn had the biggest impact. Riding the surge of praise after the release of Baldur's Gate in 1998, the sequel delivered an even more fully featured pseudo-turn-based combat system, expansive environments, a seemingly endless number of side quests, and a compelling narrative. If there's a single element that makes BGII stand out, it's character. The game had a truly sinister, multi-faceted villain, as well as some hilarious NPC companions. Take Minsc, for example, a brash fighter who frequently consulted with Boo, his trusty hamster companion. If you never bothered with this when it first came out in 2000, you should pick up a copy this instant. It may not look so good anymore, but it's still one of the best RPGs ever made.

Stacraft (PC)

Can anyone beat me in BGH? Please! try it!
(I stand corrected. Creo que a nada le dedique mas horas que a Starcraft, solo que las horas de vicio en las cabinas son mas dificiles de medir)

When you say the three letters RTS, there are a few games that immediately pop to mind. For millions of gamers, it's StarCraft. It remains as one of the most popular real-time strategy games played on the Internet around the world. For those of us that only revisit on occasion, there's still an immense amount to love. StarCraft managed to create three wildly different factions in nearly all forms. Motivation, technology, and biology provided an amazing platform for a brilliant story and universe. Even more amazing was the ability to create checks and balances when none of the races shared units or even particular functions. Even the builder units acted much differently to fit the background of each race. The superb balance translated into enticing and addictive gameplay. The galactic war between the Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg proved to be one of the most entertaining pieces of software ever created and the announced sequel is still one of the most asked about games of the future.

1(and the winner is):
Ultima Series (PC)

"You have lost the virtue of Valor"

Creo que no hay ningun FPM que no haya jugado al menos un par de estos. Mis preferidos fueron el IV y el VII. Recuerdo que fue el primer juego donde pude atacar ancianitos, robarle a ciegos, y sobre todo, usar el Skull y matar a TODO EL MUNDO!!!


Menciones honrosas a:
SSI Games
All titles by Lucasarts
Fallout 1 y 2
Metal Gear solid


Si me preguntan a mi, yo incluiría Zelda Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life y The Longest Journey a esta lista de joyas.

Tienen algun clasico que marco sus vidas y no esta listado aca? Cuéntenme!



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