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Uno De Mis Dioses - Introducing: Abraxas.

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And so it come to pass that the voice called me: You will state my word: The gods have divided the world and they try to take the human spirit on themselves. They corrupt the human soul and change the nature of it, nevertheless those gods only seek to draw the interest of humans upon themselves. That is why the gods try to change every human to fit their purposes, therefore they change their liberties and make them change their natural behavior, in order to become the perfect slave for the god it serves. For those humans that follow a god of evil or good alike is my word, and for everyone that wants to hear it.

My beloved child, because I, Abraxas, adopted everybody on the world, even the god of good and evil are my children, because I'm a god of both good and evil, and I can see that you are lost. The world as I thought it should be must be equilibrated, and that is the reason why the world is like that. It is a lie that the world can be a peaceful place, but if the human being is sincere to himself then he can reach the closest to that state.

Do not preach about salvation, if you follow me you will be happy, but if you don't follow me, then it doesn't really matter. You can reach salvation by other means, because all your gods will help you on that. For me, what matters in life is that you don't regret what you do, the regret is what will show you that you have done something against your own spirit. You have to be sincere, and never regret your actions. Look for happiness, and if you find that you have made a mistake, you have to carry the consequences and solve it. Preach the natural way.

- Pardon me my greatness but what shall I preach?

I tell you my child, that salvation is not necessary as part of your nature. The problem with your kind is that you are loosing your very own nature. You are choosing a side between good and evil when you belong to both worlds, because you have to be good enough to live in society and bad enough to survive on it. You must be sincere to yourselves. Be whatever you want to be, and take the consequences that it might lead. And listen to your inner voice, because it is My voice.

Rise and spread my word, for you will be a beacon to the world.

No quise escribir nada antes de esto para que sientan lo mismo. Tambien quiero aclarar que el texto anterior no es de mi autoria. Facil le pertenece a Abraxas himself. No hare mayor comentario sobre el texto, es bastante self-explainatory.

Como les conte anteriormente... ah no, creo que no les dije. Mi posicion religiosa es... diferente. Meh, ya mucho floro y me tengo que meter al agua en media hora para salir a reventar Lima, y como estoy escuchando Manowar mi IQ va bajando y me voy transformando. Si se cruzan conmigo... nah, ya adverti enough en otros posts.

En fin, para futuras referencias, mi filosofia religiosa se resume en:


That's it for today! Ya luego les hablo de mis vinculos con Thor, y con Pholtus o' The Blinding Light.



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